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Oté la Réunion !


You will soon realize that we, Frédérique and Pascal Mathis, as your hosts do not originate from the Cevennes but from the North of France. However, we lived for 20 years on the French island of Réunion before Transgardon gave us a new lease of life.

Nevertheless part of our hearts and souls remain there, so don’t be surprised if at times we gaze into the distance for beyond the mountains and ocean to the valley of Maïdo or Mafate in Réunion.

Welcome to our friends from Reunion!



L'entrée du cirque de Mafate, le piton cabris, le Cimendef  


Entrance to the Mafate Cirque, a hiker's heaven


Réunion, le lagon de Saint-Gilles les Bains à la tombée du jour


Saint-Gilles les bains


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