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Transgardon is located in the Southern part of the Cevennes, between two cities called
Alès and Florac.


Driving directions :

  • Motorway access: A7 towards South, exit “Nîmes Ouest”
  • Coming from Florac on the N106 road (30 km): 2 km after Saint-Privat de Vallongue intersection, you will find a parking lot on your right.
  • Coming from Alès on the N106 road (40 km): 3 km after Saint-Hilaire de Lavit intersection, you will find a parking lot on your left.

(Stay on the N106 road, do not take the roads to the small towns of Saint-Privat  and Saint-Hilaire. They are  mentioned just as markers)



Transgardon - La boîte aux lettres sur la RN 106

When you see the sign Transgardon on the top of a mailbox, it means that you have found the parking lot!

20 meters below is the bend, where a track dug into schist rocks begins.  This track leads to the hamlet (1 km long).

In any case, we strongly advise you first to stop at the parking lot, get out of the car and look for the entrance to the track before driving in. It is completely suitable and safe for motor vehicles even if it might seem a bit intimidating if it is your first visit to the Cevennes. (Except for sports cars and/or classic cars with a ground clearance of less than 10cm, and for unexperienced motorcyclists)


Transgardon  GPS coordinates (according to géoportail)

  • Start of the trip on the N106 road: Longitude 03°51’ 11” (3,852532) Latitude 44° 16’ 17” (44,271363)
  • The hamlet: Longitude 03°51’26” (3,857237) Latitude 44°16’05” (44,268053)

Recently, some GPS have even been able to localize Transgardon !  (Add 48240 zip code)





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