Chambres d'Hôtes et Site de Charme en Cévennes


La Chambre Haute

To guarantee a comfortable sojourn the „Chambre Haute” possesses :


  • Furnishings of much character
  • A large comfortable bed (160 x 200 cm) which can also be easily transformed into two twin beds.
  • As a supplement, we have added a mezzanine bed for one adult, equipped with futons and tatami mats.
  • A small sitting room.
  • A meticulously designed bathroom with all facilities (spacious shower, hair-dryer....).


For your wellbeing and that of our planet the reconstruction of the „Chambre Haute“ was carried out in the main with biological materials: plaster made of a mixture of lime and hemp; the roof was insulated with hemp; biological paint and glazes free of any toxic emanation were used. The materials and techniques employed are based on the traditional know-how of the Cévennes for the comfort of our guests.


Our Guest-room in Cévennes nowadays, our living space as it was and in days of yore...


When you see the „Chambre Haute“ today you will require no end of imagination to know how it looked originally. This is not only due to the renovations we have made: the age of the building (several centuries old) and the multiple purposes for which it was used during the ages must likewise be considered. Originally it must have been used as living quarters as traces of an old fireplace were discovered; furthermore, it served as a storage shed for agricultural appliances and finally it was used to store chestnuts.


When first we turned the enormous key in the old rusty lock the door squeaked on opening and we were confronted by what looked like something from a museum: a pile of old furniture, all sorts of utensils, old worm-eaten chests (without any treasure), planks, tools and other testimonies of a past that can no longer be restored… and all of this carefully enveloped in spider’s webs of every conceivable design and age.


How on earth could we renovate this without destroying the spirit of the room? Little by little the idea grew in our heads that it would be essential to preserve the volume and visible framework, keep the original size of the doors and windows and use the corners in the walls for decorative purposes. And that was that...



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