Chambres d'Hôtes et Site de Charme en Cévennes

Guest-rooms in Cévennes  -  Rooms full of charm in Transgardon


Our guest-rooms are situated in a separate house looking down on the streamlet with a natural pool under the centuries-old picturesque bridge.

In this stone house, typical for the region, we have our 3 guest-rooms on 3 floors, each with its own separate entrance.


chambre d hote cevennes, maison d hote lozere


La Chambre Haute

What a contrast between the modest appearance of this ancient Cévenne house and the immense expanse of space you discover when you open the door to the Chambre Haute. The sumptuous roof structures made of chestnut wood, stretching up to the heavens of your nights, are the proudest feature.




chambres d hote cevennes, maison d hotes lozere


La Chambre Guetali

Cosy and authentic: this room will enchant you with its intimacy and the warmth of its rafter beams, golden like the loaves of bread our forefathers used to bake in its oven.





chambre d hotes cevennes, maison d hotes lozère 

La Chambre Voûtée

A rounded arch softens the harshness of the stone and exerts a calming, protective effect. The glass door allows the morning sun to pervade the room with a flood of light.





It took much loving care to convert a typical croft house into our 3 guest-rooms „La Chambre Haute“, “La Chambre Guetali“ and „La Chambre Voûtée“, using traditional materials, thereby combining the charm of days long gone age with the comforts of our modern age.

Outdoors you can also enjoy a quiet rest in the garden in the shade of trees or old walls. Or if you prefer it less comfortable you can perhaps choose a moss-covered rock on the banks of the rivulet or an old tree-trunk to indulge in your life of doing sweet nothing.

If you can resist the temptation of walking down to the streamlet, the sound of its flowing will still rock you to sleep at night.


maison dhote cevennes - la Chambre Haute

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Your breakfast !

Whether you are up with the lark or you take advantage of a long lie-in, your breakfast will prove a real treat: plentiful and especially prepared according to a sacred rite established by Frédérique for you.
table d hote cevennes
Table d'hôtes dans les Cévennes, à Transgardon


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