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Beekeeping in Cévennes, at Transgardon !


Ruche garnie de miel et d'abeilles...


Nature in all its aspects fascinate us, but we have a particular liking for bees at Transgardon and apiculture is a major part of our lives. If you want to share this passion with us, do not hesitate to ask questions ! It would be a pleasure for us to talk to you on the subject.

You are welcome to take a walk to the bee yard if you want to get to know these delightful creatures better (of course, you will need to be accompanied).


However, do not worry if you are not a fan of biting or stinging insects. They know how to keep their distance and like flowers much more than humans… so no worries, you can also spend your entire stay without seeing any of them...






Our favorite: the beehive in Frédérique’s kitchen garden



Du miel, et un jeune apiculteur heureux

Matthieu, a young beekeeper's apprentice, holding a honeycomb


Jamais abeilles n'eurent plus belle demeure qu'en ce rucher...

The bee yard in spring


Le rucher en hiver

Shhh!!! They are sleeping. It’s winter at Transgardon


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