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Guest rooms in Transgardon en Cévennes !


There is a fairytale valley bathed in sunlight at the confluence of two rivers in the Cévennes,
a natural sanctuary oblivious to city life, and it is here that you will find Transgardon,
a stoney hamlet of bygone days where life has always moved at its own pace.
Come to visit and we shall share a moment in our lives …


Just to refresh your memory: Our community of Saint-Privat de Vallongue is situated in the National Park of the Cévennes, which along with the Causses plateaus were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in June 2011.

Cévennes, Lozère, chance or necessity …

A place to stay in Lozère in the Cévennes? Yes, indeed.
A guest room in the southern Cévennes? Yes, without a doubt!
A charming guest room in Transgardon: Well, here you are!
Here Nature and man give us all they have straight from the shoulder, but equally without any restraint. The Southern Cévennes is a sunny mountainous region of human dimension. It is a little corner of the Midi far away from all commercial temptations.
But nothing is lacking. Whether you are a walker spending a weekend in the country or a lover of short distance or prolonged hikes, you will find paths suited to your footwear and your state of mind. If your soul is in need of peace and quiet, it will find it here. If it is hungry for discovery, the stormy history of this Huguenot country will excite its curiosity.
Furthermore, we have done all in our power to allow you to live out your stay in the Cévennes to the full. Our efforts to offer you the best of comfort and a quality of service that we hope goes well beyond your expectations have been rewarded by the bestowal of the official Qualité Tourisme label.
But perhaps the essence lies elsewhere: in the choice that we have made for you :

A crucial choice away from the trodden paths


In sharing Transgardon with you, we chose to offer others what we ourselves had discovered here. This is a place where the catalysts of the times and the need to preserve a natural environment make us look closely at ourselves …

However, such an alchemy can only function far from all hustle and bustle …That was the inner conflict facing us: welcoming guests by all means, but at the same time deliberately limiting our actual capacity of doing so in order not to detract from what we want to share with you. Thus our house has only three guest rooms. This decision came from our heart and, if you will, is the price we pay for the serenity we want you to enjoy during your stay with us.